Colorpoint Shorthair - 09
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Seth Baugh
Kathryn Brady
Barbara S. Contrera
Patricia L. Decano
Pam Delabar
Diana Doernberg
Sandra Douglass
Kathleen Ferris
Lorna Friemoth
Cathy Galfo
Donna Hamon
Kathleen Hoos
William Hoos
Lee Ann Jackson
Mary Kolencik
Carolyn Koval
Debbie Kusy
Robert Molino
Gail L. Moser
Christina M. Naugle
Debra A. Noggle
Thomas C. Noggle
Cindy Petrovich
Barbara Phelps
Terrie Smith
Valerie Smith
Howard R. Webster
Veda R. Webster
Virginia Wheeldon
Betty White
Kris Willison