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Carissa Altschul
Janet Altschul
Rebeckah Altschul
Inmaculada Barturen
Laura Benko
Carla Bizzell
Yi Chang
Lynn Cooke
Tracey Dalton
Pamela Degolyer
Kathleen Depietro
Raquel Dominguez
Judy Dunkin
Donna Dzienisiewski
Carol Eicksteadt
Brian C. Foster (Regular renewal)
John A. Friemoth
Kelsey Friemoth
Lorna Friemoth
Shelby A. Friemoth
Jeffery L. Gabier
Gaynell Gallaway
Noelle Giddings
Hope M. Gonano
Lauren Gonano
Domenico Granata
Beth Grant-Field (Regular renewal)
Robert Hallead
Mark Hannon
Diana Heinzen (Regular renewal)
Pamela Hill
Kathleen P. Holahan
Barbara A. Jaeger
Marsha Johnson (Regular renewal)
Pauline R. Joy
Kadri Koppel
Mary Lynn Krause
Suki Lee
Joe McIntyre
Shirley Michaud-Dent
Carme More
Shirley Muhleisen
Micky Nies
Becky Orlando
Steve Oster
Brian Pearson
Cary Plummer
Randy Pohlman
Jeanne L. Scholz-Snyder
Sarah C. Sieffert
Ardell Sims
Michelle Smith
Francisco Soldado Landete (Regular renewal)
Lynn M. Staker
Patricia Stewart
Teresa Sweeney
Mary Jane Tesdall
Susann Tinsley
Peter Vanwonterghem
Teodoro Vargas Huesa
Maria Vazquez Alonso
Jennifer Vercammen
Larisa Voronina (Regular renewal)