Manx (LH & SH) - 15
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Tuija Aaltonen (220453)
Donna Andrews (010397)
Linda D. Beck (168691)
Sydney Brosnan (011662)
Claire Broughton (193509)
Mary Colleen Davin (150730)
Jim Defoe (213150)
Sandra K. Defoe (213240)
Erin Dey (259688)
Cathy Dinesen (010243)
James Dinesen (053446)
Debi Gomez (023742)
Omar Gonzalez (060081)
Kathy Gumm (155002)
Shari Millar (223827)
Sandra Morris (093584)
Susan Murphy (043793)
Linda J. Osburn (023743)
Orva Rossman (127847)
Gaynell Van Weelden (155296)
Gary L. Veach (034789)
Karen Weaver (169569)
J. Sandra Willen (055892)
Joy Yoders-Dey (196759)