Scottish Fold (LH & SH) - 25
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Kay Bertrand (161810)
Randy Bertrand (177489)
Marilyn E. Conde (071496)
Diane L. Craft (118230)
Zhen Hao Gao (213808)
Patricia L. Garrighan (121947)
Natalia Gfeller (213285)
Marilee Griswold (168173)
Leo Halbleib (095532)
Suzanne Henne Dvm (206132 Regular renewal)
Hiromi Kobayashi (188122)
Sandi Lewis (200196)
Florence Marcorelle (092174)
Susan Martin (123940)
Melody K. Mathis (192764)
Chieko Otaka (162969)
Brian Pearson (042058)
Nicholas Pun (184801)
Bruce Russell (187529)
Annette A. Strople (176917)
Donna Jean Thompson (004365)
Chikako Umemoto (192572)