Norwegian Forest Cat - 55
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John Adelhoch (086306)
Kitty Barie (207613)
Jane Barletta (005095)
Katherine Bock (183510)
Barbara L. Chronakis (137123)
J. Brook Cole (194052)
Liz Dickinson (206870)
James Frederick (269600)
Nancy Kerr (197783)
Keith Kimberlin (039366)
Shinsuke Marui (208876)
Yukiyo Matsushita (220642)
Cheryl A. McConnell (160301)
Colleen M. McGrady (183238)
Barbara Midura (180716)
Aki Miyajima (196429)
Margie Nelson (151255)
Ronald Pastor (184152)
Cheryl Sarges (187634)
Michael Shelton (197358)
Willard Wharton (187221)
Shari Woods (222289)