A Life-saving Injury

by Cimeron Morrissey

No one knows how long Paolo had been abandoned and living on his own. After spotting him in her yard, a kind woman named Nanette took pity on the skinny tabby and began feeding him. She didn't care that she could never get close enough to touch him - she just didn't want him to suffer.

But one day, Paolo limped into her yard. He dragged one of his hind legs behind him and Nanette could see bones sticking out of his fur. She contacted Homeless Cat Network for help, and since I was in the area, I rushed out to trap Paolo and get him the emergency veterinary care he so desperately needed.

His leg was shattered and needed to be amputated. But while he lost his limb, he ended up gaining a wonderful new life. I fostered Paolo and quickly found out that he was incredibly friendly - all he needed was some kindness, gentle encouragement and patience to help him recover and become adoption-ready.

Within a couple of months, his dream came true when he was adopted by Diane who loves her three-legged cat more than anything in the world. Now Paolo runs, climbs his cat tree, jumps onto the bed and snuggles with Diane.

He couldn't have known it at the time of his injury, but shattering his leg was the best thing that ever happened to Paolo because now his life is better than ever! If it weren't for that compound fracture, Paolo would have never had a chance to become a pampered indoor cat, so losing his leg turned out to be a life-saving injury.

Cimeron Morrissey is the founder of Project Bay Cat in Foster City, CA.


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